1. the SOCIAL LIST: 1st CHOP

    the SOCIALIST: 1st CHOP

    IMG_4657Liquid Gold

    Where: Fourth Streets Retro Row; 2105 E 4th St Long Beach, Ca

    Grub: “Old World European Tavern Food” Tapas-style

    Visiting Hours: Lunch & Din Din

    Musts: liquid gold, mejillones con jamon serrano, patatas bravas & any wurst ;)

    Website: http://thesociallistlb.com

    IG: thesociallistlb

    It is a love-hate relationship that I have with the Social List because they have a solid spot and some…

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  2. This morning I was scared, intimidated and wanted to find any excuse not to do this. My body hurt all over. When I was weak, strangers cheered me on. As the earth disappeared under my feet, all that matter

  3. So you think you can dance? #venicebeach #venice (at Venice Beach)


  4. This Attic on Broadway

    This Attic on Broadway

    ImageWhere: 3441 East Broadway Long Beach, Ca 

    Grub: Cajun Creole, New Orleans inspired American eats and specialty cocktails

    Visiting Hours: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

    Musts: Mac ‘N Cheetos, Bloody Mary’s decorated with sliders and bacon,  Chicken Pot Pie, Market Risotto, Breakfast!

    Website: http://www.theatticonbroadway.com  

    IG: theatticonbroadway                                                …

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  5. The Pike Restaurant and Bar

    The Pike Restaurant and Bar


    If you are from Long Beach and you have not been to this place then you really need to get it together and start living. I remember my first impression of this place. I ventured here years ago after a year abroad in Germany and it was quite the welcome home. There is just something SO perfect about the blue hue that permeates through the whole joint. Not to mention the walls that are littered…

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  6. Have fun out there weekend 2! #throwbackthursday #sandstorm #coachella (at Coachella Music Festival)


  7. Let’s Get Real

    Let’s Get Real

    about Food! I had another blog that highlighted the healthy things in life and had a huge emphasis on the paleo lifestyle, which is great and all, but I honestly live that way only about 65% of the time. I found myself feeling I needed to hide the way I was really eating. I am too much of a foodie and love to splurge and enjoy the awesome food that is around my area in Long Beach. Food is meant…

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  8. Starting a new food blog today :) and this is going to be my first feature. 👏👏👏 @roastednotz you got me hooked! #roastednotz #therenzo #startyourdayright #lbc #longbeach #nofilter #eatlocal (at Roasted Notz)


  9. limitless.

    I have given up trying to understand everything life. Embracing life is hard. You love it? Fuck off. You’re lying. I try to, but let’s not negate everyday nuances. I love life, but just to put things into perspective let me make a list of adult things that aren’t fun:

    1. Someone dying….anyone. Shit.
    2. A marriage: just in case I didn’t need a reminder that there is “somewhere I need to be in life”
    3. Health insurance: guess what, you’re 26 and no one gives a fuck about how involved you are in taking social initiatives and what you think the health industry needs to work on. It doesn’t matter. Get excited about wasting hours on end to get your physical.
    4. Hpv: I dunno, everyone has it. There is nothing you can do; be healthy! Haha (veggie grill doesn’t count)
    5. Relationships: if you think this fixes everything then I don’t even want to talk to you.
    6. Working out: do it anyways. You never want to, but it is always worth it.

  10. Sometimes you meet awesome people in random places. @kelseygracechavarria #starstruck #quesera #nofilter #coolasschick